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Thursday, February 17, 2005

interview with student about e-learning

During the past few days I have been talking with a few students who are taking the fully online option of my class, Organic Chemistry II. Those of us who are interested in augmenting the educational process with technology need to understand how the technology is being used. This class has archived lectures (avi's), some lecture modules (sections of the lectures by topic), podcasts of the lecture audio (mp3's), online quizzes, tests and exam. Some students like to keep up with the lectures while others spend one day a week listening to consecutive lectures. Most of the students I interviewed took notes while they watched the recorded lectures (in the same way they would in class) and made good use of re-listening to a part of the lecture they didn't understand the first time. The voluntary quizzes tended to be used right before a test to prepare for it. The availability of an asynchronous online class was most appreciated by commuters and those students with scheduling conflicts.


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