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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

LCTI/LCCC workshop Ritter-Guth

Here is Beth's abstract for her talk from the June 30, 2006 workshop at the Lehigh Career and Technology Institute and Lehigh Carbon Community College:

The tools used to create podcasts, vodcasts, and screencasts are easy and fun to use. By relying on programs like Audacity, Camstudio, Feedburner, Bloglines, iTunes, Skype, Sitemeter, and Vyew, instructors can create a rich and diverse instructional environment for students. The use of wikis in the classroom offer an easy and accessbile approach to sharing information. The use of blogs allows for free-flow discussion, and allows instructors to provide pod, vod, and screencasts through streaming. Additionally, students can subscribe to the feed through RSS. However, colleagues ar K-12 schools are encouraged to fight the ban of blogs under the DOPA restrictions. In summary, this presentation is about the use of these tools in the classroom to promote deeper and independent student learning.

podcast (mp3)
streaming Flash screencast
video iPod format (m4v)
Powerpoint slides


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