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Friday, August 26, 2005

RSS Club meeting 11

Aleister, Quinn, Kevin, Jay and Tim participated in our RSS club meeting today.

Here are the things we discussed from the Drexel CoAS E-Learning blog:

-FeedCount using Feedburner to display your RSS subscriber number
-Blogs and wikis. We discussed the pros and cons of using each tool for distributing class lectures and collecting student assignments.
-A mention of Edublogs.org, the free blogging service for teachers
-My progress with my writing drafts of my next paper on educational gaming inside of a wiki
-a brief mention of science blogs
-the new Blogger Word interface: actually downloaded it and made some sample posts. We also tested uploading images through Word but it doesn't look like that is possible yet.
-A9.com street level view of Philly and tried to figure out how to have it default to one side of the street over another but no luck.
-SiteMeter worldmap: I briefly demonstrated how to access the geographic distribution of your recent blog visitors.

That is as far as the recording went. We followed this up with a little off-the-record meeting. What did we talk about? Come to the next RSS club meeting next week on Wednesday August 31 at 11:00 in 4020 MacAlister to find out!

Dan Karleen from Thomson Peterson will be joining us. Check out his blog - I bet we'll be talking about podcasting in education.

Here is the screencast mp3 podcast


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