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Monday, April 10, 2006

Integrating WebCT with vodcasting and podcasting

Here is my presentation from the March 30, 2006 Northeastern Regional WebCT Users Conference held at Drexel University.

I basically discuss the way WebCT's role in my classes has shifted since I started podcasting and vodcasting my lectures and moved to open courseware. Now the central location for my classes is a public wiki (e.g. http://chem241.blogspot.com) and WebCT is used primarily for testing.

I'm putting up the m4v vodcast as the enclosure for this podcast feed and it will play on either a video ipod or with Quicktime on a PC. Please give me feedback about this format. The resolution is not quite as good as with the Flash screencasts but, considering that the Powerpoint file is made available here as well, I think it might be good enough. I'm podcasting the mp3 in a separate post.


Integrating WebCT with vodcasting mp3

Full presentation


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