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Thursday, September 01, 2005

RSS club meeting 12

We had a lively group at yesterday's RSS club meeting. Dan Karleen from Thomson Peterson joined our Drexel group from English (Scott Warnock), Math (Hugo Woerdman), Chemistry (Kevin Owens) and Ken Hartman (Drexel.com).

There was only one item from my Drexel CoAS E-Learning blog to discuss: podcasting in education for the fall. A few universities (Berkeley, Purdue, Bryn Mawr, Drexel) have feeds set up to distribute audio from entire lectures. We discussed various issues relating to this like screencasting, webcasting, student attendance, open courseware and likely outcomes of all these initiatives.

Having someone of Dan's caliber join us in person so soon after crossing paths a week ago in the blogosphere is a testament to the speed of action in an RSS world. Dan will be coming back as our first speaker this fall in our Drexel CoAS E-Learning Lecture series to talk about marketing with blogs. I'll post more information in the main blog shortly.

Here is the screencast mp3 podcast


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