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Sunday, October 16, 2005

RSS club meeting 13

I summed up recents posts from my Drexel CoAS E-Learning blog, which included:
-recent addition of transcripts to my screencast/podcast class
-making podcast feeds available in iTunes
-including PDFs with MP3s when podcasting
-the Sloan Semester program at Drexel this term

The meeting went on for an hour after I stopped recording, which tells me that there is a passionate desire to learn about and implement these technologies.

Since it had been a while since the last RSS club meeting, there was a backlog of items to go through in my blog. In future meetings this term, I would like to see this develop into more of a workshop where we spend time actually building blogs, podcasts and wikis. It looks like Fridays at noon in 4020 MacAlister is a good time this term. So bring your laptops on Fridays!

I also made an effort to equalize the audio volume of the participants. This should make for a much better podcast.

Here is the screencast mp3 podcast


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